The J.T. McHugh Co. specializes in printing blanket conversion. We represent many of the finest manufacturers of printing blanket material in the world. We want our customers to have choices.

  • Cutting, barring and punching blankets requires precision work. Our experience guarantees craftsmanship.
  • We are able to provide all of the different bars and over one hundred different punch patterns to fit any press.
  • We utilize multiple cutting tables to provide fast order turn-around.
  • We have broadened our product lines to include some printing supplies, anti marking film, blanket scrubbers, Cobra micrometers, Folex coating blankets, cutting rubbers, durometer gauges, letterpess drawsheets/stickyback, mylar packing, offset printing blankets, packing paper, press parts, specialty coating blankets, torque wrenches, pressroom chemistry and printing rollers.
  • We manufacture press parts for pressrooms across the world.

Humble Beginnings - Worldwide Scope

In 1933 Tom McHugh began custom cutting printing blankets for the newspaper industry. By 1940 he was supplying a large contingent of newspapers across the country. J.T. McHugh Co., has expanded in size and scope into an international, multi-million dollar entity. Our size, experience, and scope, assure our customers that they are getting the best quality in printing blankets worldwide.

JTM Facilities

Located near Indianapolis, Indiana, our new 14,500 square-foot facility houses our manufacturing plant primary warehouse and administrative offices.

  • Quality control is paramount at JTM
  • Our blankets are measured for constant thickness then cut by hand, and checked again for absolute-squareness, assuring blankets won't "creep" on press
  • Every inch of the surface of the blanket is checked at least three times during the converting process to assure a consistent, smooth surface
  • Bars are either pressed onto the blanket using 10,000 pound pressure brake presses, or are glued to the blanket and rechecked for squareness
  • Each blanket is 100% quality-control inspected before it is shipped

Our Work