We at the LA Times would like to thank you and your company for your continued support with our blankets. This past year has been a good one due largely in part due to your product. With the decrease in the width of newspaper's across the country it is important that we find ways of running the narrower sheet with the minimal amount of tension on that sheet. We have been able to accomplish this with the 8889 and 8891 blankets you supply us. These blankets have allowed us to run with considerable less tension. We can always count on the quality of the blanket. We have had no issues with blankets being square or problems with the bars on the blankets.

When we added MAN Roland towers to our operation J Thomas McHugh worked with us ensuring the blanket bars met the specs required for the narrower gap on the new towers. We have these units in place for more than a year now and have had no issues with blankets or bars.

John Walker
Olympic Pressroom Manager, Los Angeles Times

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I understand that we were the first customer of Tom Bryant's and if that is true we are definitely proud. As we rate our providers, he and J. Thomas McHugh are at the absolute top of that list for customers service, contributions and product quality. The friendship that resulted from this commercial undertaking is one of my career highlights.

Dennis L (D.J.) Johnson
Press Director, The Detroit News and The Detroit Free Press

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The partnership we have developed with J. Thomas McHugh over the years has become a tremendous asset to our company. We value the expertise they offer in helping us continue to grow as a quality printer.

The service and desire to satisfy the customer from everyone within their organization makes J. Thomas McHugh an easy choice for Mignone Communications to partner with.

Mike Broom
Pressroom Manager
Mignone Communications, Huntington, IN